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How To Determine If Water Damage Is Old Or New

Water damage in your home can be a nightmare to deal with. It can lead to mold and mildew growth, weaken your home’s structure, and cause health problems. Determining the age of the water damage can be difficult, but understanding your home and seeing the signs is how to determine if water damage is old or new. Knowing the age of the water damage can help you decide which remediation and repair methods are best for your home.

To detect leaks early on, homeowners need to look out for vulnerable sections of their houses. Understanding the different materials that make up your home is also useful because different materials respond to moisture differently. This article will help you determine if you are dealing with old or fresh water damage.

Water Rings
The circles that surround the water location on your ceiling or walls can help determine how old they are. A newer water spot often appears as a single, solid, dark area without any surrounding rings. There will be one or more rings around an old wet location. The color of the water damage can also help you determine the age. Newer water damage tends to be darker, while older water damage has a yellow or brown tint.

Condition of the Affected Area
A homeowner can assess how long water damage has been occurring in a given region by feeling the water spots. When the water damage is fresh, the affected area will remain strong and firm. It will be wet, but it will also still be stable. Older water damage is soft and mushy. Long-term water damage-affected areas are easily movable and require minimal pressure or force.

Mold or Mildew
Black or gray moldy spots only represent a portion of the problem caused by water damage. If mold or mildew is present, the water damage is older because mold and mildew take time to grow and spread – the area has probably been compromised for at least a few days. The mold infestation concealed behind walls or under carpets is another potential problem. If mold is a hidden growth, it also means that the water damage has been there for a while.

Structural Deterioration
Extensive water damage can lead to a home’s inner structure failing. Under extreme circumstances, such as flooding, the house begins to deteriorate. When standing water from flooding due to storms, sewage backups, or other factors enters the home, the property will suffer significant degradation, especially if the standing water is persistent and lengthy.

Any water damage must be repaired immediately to prevent it from spreading and harming other areas of the house, which could lead to time-consuming and expensive repairs. It is encouraged to routinely inspect your properties to find and address any potential water damage.

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