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When To Call A Mold Removal Professional

Whether you’re a recipient of a full-blown flood or an undetected leak that went on for far too long, water damage and the mold that follows shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Mold is a fungus you don’t want to mess with at all. Mold grows on damp surfaces, taking over and colonizing them in ways that can prove hard to eradicate. In as little as 24 hours, their tiny spores can turn into a monstrous undertaking that only an expert can clear. In our latest blog, we go over when to call a mold removal professional.

Need Help Finding the Source of Your Problem

Water damage, no matter how small, requires the help of an expert. A mold expert can help you identify the source swiftly and with ease. It’s essential to identify the source to ensure that it doesn’t continue to add to the problem. A mold remedial expert can locate the source quickly, resolve it, and keep it from creating an even bigger mess. Once they’ve ensured there aren’t any more leaks or water coming through, you can then begin to address the damage done in a timely manner.

Need Help Eradicating The Mold

It’s important to work quickly when dealing with water damage issues. As mentioned, mold spores can take as little as 24 hours to develop. Once it starts growing, the spores will continue to grow and contaminate the space at an alarming pace. They thrive on damp services, and getting those surfaces dried out is critical. The more mold grows, the harder it will be to treat it. Using their knowledge and experience, a mold expert can identify areas where the mold has infiltered and resolve it quickly. They will know all the top signs to look for, making sure not to miss any infected areas.

Need Help Preventing The Return of Mold

Mold removal is an intricate process that has many steps. If you’re not careful, you can contaminate other spaces or items. A mold removal expert has the know-how to treat the area thoroughly and prevent growth in the future. Mold spores are between two and ten microns in size. A strand of hair is roughly 70 microns thick. These tiny and airborne particles easily latch onto things and travel with them from place to place without difficulties. If you aren’t trained to work with mold, it can envelop you, contaminating anything you touch and come into contact with afterward. Leave the stress and the mess to the experts. They can help alleviate stress and prevent you from having any mold-related issues in the future.

Mold Removal Experts in San Diego, California

While mold is a pain to deal with and often feels impossible to get rid of, it doesn’t have to be with the help of an expert mold removal specialist. Free yourself from the hassle of undertaking it independently with our help. At DRC Restorations, we have helped endless homeowners and business owners take it head-on and say goodbye to it forever. We can identify the problem, resolve them, and keep them from happening again. Restore your home or property by giving us a call. Call us at (858) 285-5546 or visit our website for a FREE quote!